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Current System Status

Microsoft Email Problems

15:56 09/06/2017

We are currently seeing a large amount of emails being deferred when sending to Hotmail/Outlook and other Microsoft addresses. This includes and domains that have emails hosted with Outlook services.

This is still ongoing, we are continuously monitoring this and will keep this page up to date with the latest information.

E-Mail Delivery to BT and Yahoo

15:57 09/06/2017

We are seeing some failures as well as delays with Mail Delivery to BT and Yahoo addresses from messages sent from our network.

We are still seeing some rejections and delayed messages to these mail providers and are continuing to work to resolve these problems. We apologise for the ongoing nature of this issue and for the inconvenience caused.

AOL - Sending Issues

15:58 09/06/2017

We are seeing that a number of rejections to AOL, this looks to be caused by a limit on their servers restricting the amount of emails that can be received from our shared mail servers. We are currently investigating, our apologies for any inconvenience caused here in the meantime.

Sites not loading on: web130, web131, web132, web133

22:57 27/06/2017

22:00 The primary data drive had become inaccessible, and its was in the process of being powered up, and the secondary drive was in the process of taking over. When this completes the site should come back, but in the meantime we can only ask for your continued patience and be assured that our senior on-call team are currently looking into this.

23:00 The Primary data drive is currently back up now, and the server is processing alot of requests, once this has completed, should be in the near future, then normal functionality should return to the service, but service is currently impacted as it catches back up.

Planned System Maintenance

There is currently no planned maintenance.