Computer and Laptop sales & repairs in Nottingham

Re Installation….

This service involves the re installation of the operating system that your computer needs to run properly.

Causes for problems on PC which would require a re installation


  •  The computer fails to boot up properly.
  •  The Computer takes exessive time to boot and is sluggish to use.
  •  Virus or spyware infection which have rendered windows unsafe.
  •  To clear out unwanted information.
  •  Power failure during write operation
  •  Selling the computer and want personal information removed 

There are many other reasons why a re installation is advisable and we recommend re installation rather than virus removal and software cleanup as it is usually more cost effective.

Charging Scale
Service OS Timescale Cost
PC re installation Windows XP/W7/W8 1 day £30.00
PC re installation Windows 2000 2 days £39.00 n/a
Laptop Re Installation Windows XP/W7/W8 1 day £35.00
Laptop Re Installation Windows 2000 2 days £45.00 n/a