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Virus Removal….

In many cases it’s better to have your machine re installed as the costs of Virus removal can be excessive.

Once a virus gets on your computer then it can be difficult if not impossible to remove without leaving windows damaged in some way, a little like scars after an operation.

The procedure we use involves the removal of all hard disk drive from the infected laptop/PC. It is then placed into another computer with up to date anti virus software and scanned using that operating system.

This procedure will almost always damage the Windows operating system on the drive as it removes the infected files. The next step is to re install the drives back into the customers computer and see if it works correctly and if not we try a Windows repair.

Should that fail the machine will have to be reinstalled.

If the customer opts for virus removal and it is unsuccessful then there will be a £25.00 labour charge incurred on top of the re installation charge.

Plus the overall time taken to complete the work will be extended by at least 1 day.

Prevention is better than a cure….

Making sure your computer has a fully working, up to date antivirus program is essential. If you know what your doing then some of the free products are quite impressive.

But for total peace of mind we recommend the a full antivirus package be used.

Here is a list of our favorites.

AVG Internet Security

AVG is one of the world’s most recognizable names in online threat protection with more than 200 million active users counting on our products and services every day for their protection, performance, and privacy.

The technology is cutting-edge and lets people do safely all the things they love most: from surfing, emailing, and social networking to shopping, banking, and more.

AVG’s selection of products and services has grown significantly in recent years to cover PCs, Macs, mobiles, and tablets. Our recent release of AVG Zen™ lets users see all their connected devices in one place to easily keep tabs on the Protection, Performance, and Privacy status of each one.

Protect all your devices

AVG Ultimate

BullGuard Internet Security a Top-rated Antivirus

Launched in 2002, BullGuard is one of the fastest growing antivirus and internet security brands. Our award-winning products provide comprehensive protection from all online risks and secure our users valuable data effectively. BullGuard’s philosophy has remained the same over the years: combining technical excellence with genuine understanding of consumer’s needs.

Bullguard Internet Security 50% OFF

Remember you only need one antivirus running on your computer so uninstall any out of date or unused Antivirus programs.