Computer and Laptop sales & repairs in Nottingham

Prevention is better than cure….

To keep your computer running properly here are a few simple tips.

Diagnosing the problem

  • Warranty

If your machine exhibits any of the problems below and it’s under warranty then have it checked out before the warranty expires. It’s no good saying that it went wrong before the date as the actual date you notify them is the date of the claim.

  • Noisy Fans

If the bearings fail the fan may often make a noise on startup, it will often quieten down once the machine has been on a few minutes.

If the PC crashes after a few minutes then it’s likely that the fan going quiet is because it has stopped!

A noisy fan is not spinning at its full speed and therefore is not doing it’s job properly. Replace the fan in question ASAP.

  • Slow startup

Spy ware. Fragmentation, Low on swap file space/Memory, errors on HDD. Unnecessary programs in Startup. Your computer would probably benefit from our PC health check service

  • Slow shut down

Problems closing programs, Virus/Spy Ware activity. Windows settings changed.

  • Popup’s

Spy ware or virus infection

  • Laptop lockups

Don’t use laptops on carpets or cover any air intakes that are underneath the Laptop.

Machine stops responding but the mouse still moves

This is common when part of the operating system is damaged.

Mouse freezes and the machine has to be reset.

This is common when the graphics card has overheated

Machine crashes or stops responding.

Check for hot components

Case side feels hot.

Exhaust fan not sufficient or partially blocked

See PC Health Check