Computer and Laptop sales & repairs in Nottingham

Just like your car, your PC/Laptop needs servicing.

Surfing the internet, downloads, file sharing, games all add baggage (spyware, malware, trojans, viruses) to your computer. This baggage can and will cause your computer to slow down  over time and be slow to respond to the point of being unusable. We offer a “PC Health Check” service that cleans up this accumulated clutter and restores your computer to its optimum working speed.

TIP: Always make sure your valuable data is saved in 2 or more places. This means at least one external device.

Due to the way computers keep themselves cool they can gather dust on important parts.

If this dust stops or restricts the cooling effect of your computer fans, then your computer could overheat and crash or worse components could be permanently damaged leading to a costly repair.

This is even more important with Laptops!

We do a visual check of your computers components and connections. The inside of the case and fans are checked cleaned then we run an virus and spy ware scans and a registry and Internet cleanup.

Please note that during the virus and spyware scans etc, the computer/laptop is working hard and the older the drive is, the more it is possible for Hard Disks to fail!

So please ensure any valuable data is backed up.

Our standard charge for this service is *£29.00

* Subject to the PC/Laptop being in good working order

+ Any parts and extra labor (Customer will be advised if situation arises)