Computer and Laptop sales & repairs in Nottingham


Before you dump your old computer

whether it’s working or not
please read this…

It may save you from identity theft and other nasty experiences. Your computer contains
information about you! … Computer disposal reduces your risk of data theft.

Your habits, usernames, passwords, personal details, every website you have visited every letter you have written and the list goes on. Even if you re install your operating system this information will still be there.

Better to be safe not sorry.

It’s true, just about everything you use your computer for leaves a trace that can be recovered.
Re-formatting and/or re-installing the operating system is just like marking out the white lines on a football pitch. The grass is still there.

Peace of mind.

We offer a complete data destruction service. This involves a two or three step service depending on your choice.

Step 1

Data is removed with a quick deletion which destroys all formats and tables but does not stress the data drive as we don’t want it to fail before the drive is clear. At this level it would be difficult but not impossible to recover data.

Cost £10

Step 2

The drive is written with 0’s and 1’s to clear data completely. Once this process is complete the data would cost many thousands of pounds to recover and would take many months with specialised software and hardware which only the police have the resources and funds to achieve. Steps 1&2 Cost £25

Step 3

(optional) MILITARY WIPE This process can take several days and includes many write operations of various data patterns to eliminate any ghost data on the drive totally. Once this step is complete there is no possibility of any data recovery whatsoever. This process pushes the drive to it’s limits and sometimes to destruction.
All three steps £45

wp0a46bb16.pngTrue Story.

One of our customers disposed of their old home computer by taking it to the local Council tip.

4 months later they were contacted by the police concerning a suspected stolen computer that they had found in the possession of a local villain.

This turned out to be the computer that they dumped previously at the council tip.

Simply by turning on the computer the police were able to find their address and phone number easily.

They were very lucky that the police found their computer. They were advised to apply for their credit and debit cards to be cancelled and re-issued and to change their passwords, pin numbers and keywords on all accounts as a precaution…..